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Fixed Fee Collections

Early intervention is crucial to collecting the most for you. Start with our Stage One collections for any account that is between 1-120 past due with these easy steps.

Stage One’s approach includes first and third party written demands for a diplomatic approach to collections. Best of all, you’re in complete control with 24/7 access to your accounts and with all payments coming directly to you. You keep 100% of what is collected! Our robust Stage One solution includes everything you need to be successful in your debt recovery, including our guarantee.

Stage One, Step-by-Step

Step 1

Get ready for launch!

It’s quick and easy to sign up to start collecting on your past due accounts.

Step 2

The countdown begins…

A first-party letter goes out as a gentle reminder of their payment obligation, followed by three third-party written demands explaining the critical need to resolve the account.

Step 3

Now you’re in orbit!

An automatic “Thank You” letter is sent out for payment and you start adding up your recoveries. All monies collected in Stage One go right back to you.

Stage One Deliverables


Written demands have been proven to be very effective in getting your clients to pay, but sometimes people need that one extra touch point of a phone call. With our add-on Reminder Call services, take your receivables to the next level!

To order, contact a friendly Rocket Receivables Sales Specialist today at: 844.822.3534.

More Out-of-this-World Features

Fixed-fee collections have never been so easy, accessible, or streamlined until now, and it was done to meet your business needs. You can now concentrate on running your business and put the Rocket Receivables features to work to eliminate your accounts receivable issues.

You can always access your accounts through our Online Client Portal. Decide when to start, stop, or suspend collections and view daily reports. Also available is our training library for any questions you may have!

Easily add your account information manually or by uploading a file of multiple accounts. Approve partial payments, suspend accounts or reduce balances owed if you’d like. Rocket Receivables automates the collections process but keeps you in the pilot seat.

There may be times when the online training isn’t convenient or it’s not the right time to contact your Rocket Receivables representative. No problem. The Support Center allows you to make an online request for assistance. Our support representatives will respond within 24 business hours.

With Rocket Receivables, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs in either Stage. Take full advantage of our robust products without fear of extra fees.

You’re control panel offers access to a variety of reporting. The Enhanced Performance Report, for example, tells you the average age of accounts submitted, the recovery and response rates and the cost to collect. Our reporting combined with automatic email notifications ensure you know the status of your accounts every step of the way.

Powered by TSI, one of America’s largest private collection agencies, Rocket Receivables adheres to the highest standards in Data Security and Compliance. We’ve made significant investments to protect our clients and consumers, including cutting-edge cyber security management, leading-industry certifications, and comprehensive compliance protocols.

Where to now?

What you’ll love more than these Rocket Receivables features is our Pricing & Guarantee.