Affordable Fixed-Fee Letter Pricing

With low fixed-fee pricing per account, regardless of balance, and NO percentages taken – 100% of recovered money is sent to your business or organization with our Stage One Fixed Fee Collections. Our Guarantee is unparalleled in the industry. Plus, our web-based interface allows you to manage your account online, providing unmatched value in the debt collection industry.

Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collections

Rocket Receivables offers debt recovery plans built for businesses of all sizes. There are no sign-up fees and no hidden costs—what you see is what you pay. Find your perfect match based on the number of delinquent accounts you’d like to recover.

Qty: 10

$2195 per account
  • $219.50 Total


$1695per account
  • $423.75 Total


$1495per account
  • $747.50 Total


$1295per account
  • $1,295.00 Total


$1195per account
  • $2,987.50 Total


$1095per account
  • $5,475.00 Total


Please Call
  • 844.822.3534

Rocket Booster Pricing

Add-on our reminder call as an extra touch point between the 3rd and 4th demand for only $1 per account!

To order, contact a friendly Rocket Receivables Sales Specialist today at: 844.822.3534.

Stage Two: Contingency Collections

Stage Two is a contingency-based service that is billed ONLY if we collect on the account. Once we have recovered any portion of the delinquent amount, we split the recovered amount with you, 50/50.

No Hidden Costs

With Rocket Receivables, your businesses or organization can benefit from third-party intervention without the high costs associated with traditional debt collection services. That means you can reduce your internal cost and improve your cash flow.

Plus, with Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collections, we won’t surprise you with “hidden” costs for postage or National Change of Address (“NCOA”) processing. And, should any of your accounts move into Stage Two: Contingency Collections, you won’t pay extra for services like skip-tracing or bankruptcy sceenings.


Our Stage One Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that you’ll make double the money you invest in Rocket Receivables!*

Our average debt recovery rate is 56%
the highest in the industry!

Our average debt recovery rate is 56% – the highest in the industry!

The industry average?

The industry average? 14%

*Our Guarantee applies to Rocket Receivables Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collections service and is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Let’s power up and GO!

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