The issue of past due A/R in a vet practice is tricky; it’s hard to turn away a pet in need.

Most people treat their pets like family. When we take our companion animals to the vet we tend to think of it like going to the doctor for our own illnesses and injuries. But what the average vet client doesn’t realize is that veterinarians make far less than even the lowest paid physician. They also carry a lot of overhead if they’re running their own clinic. That means problems can arise quickly if a veterinary client runs a past due balance. It’s not like the vet can repossess the pet!

So, what does a vet do if a client relationship goes south? Past due A/R can wreak havoc in a veterinary hospital but it can close the doors of a small clinic. What are some of the debt collections options for a veterinarian? How can a collection agency help these trusted professionals keep the lights on?

Debt Collections Can Make Your Veterinarian Business More Successful

U.S. News & World Report says that the average veterinarian salary was $88,770 in 2016. On the high end, vets made just over $161,000, but on the low side, salaries dipped to $52,470. While these are decent living wages, most vets carry quite a bit of student loan debt. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association reported in 2015 that the average educational debt for new veterinarians stood at $135,000. That number rose steadily over the past 10 years, and given the high cost of higher education in 2018, that debt is only increasing.

Too, vets have high overhead from building expenses, medical and lab equipment, drugs, supplies, food, and office expenses. Keeping cash flow rolling means keeping a comprehensive inventory of supplies on hand to keep the practice running smoothly. Problems arise quickly when past due accounts crop up; especially in small practices with tight margins.

For the veterinarian practice, debt collections are likely one of the most frustrating aspects of the work they do. Even if the practice has a firmly established and enforceable credit policy, it is hard to turn away a family and an animal in need. Inevitably these issues will arise in any practice, but conducting debt collections in-house is something most vet practices simply don’t have time to do.

That’s exactly where a collection agency like Rocket Receivables can help.

Seeking Help from a Collection Agency

The first step toward recovering A/R in these situations is to seek the help of a collection agency. No vet wants to play the “bad dog” in this situation; the truth is that these professionals love animals and want to help them. That’s where an easy-to-use online solution like Rocket Receivables can take the bite out of the collections process.

We have fixed-fee pricing, a satisfaction guarantee, and the best two-stage debt recovery process in the industry. Our approach will help you improve cash flow without harming the relationship you have with your clients or your community.

Debt collections are easier with a service that understands your practice, your patients, and the families that love them. We can improve your bottom line while you maintain a positive brand reputation. To request info, contact us.