The owners of small cleaning companies often wear too many hats – including that of a debt collector.

More than three million people work in the cleaning service industry in the United States. According to the most recent statistics, this competitive industry is made up of around 760,000 primarily small businesses. These businesses range across both the residential and commercial space, and no matter the size of these firms, they have one thing in common; they cannot afford to have a dedicated debt collection department to bring in past due receivables.

Typically in these smaller companies, every employee is hired with specific tasks and responsibilities in mind. It is highly unlikely that debt collection is part of anyone’s typical work description. While DIY collection efforts may work in some cases, it is probably not as effective as desired. Not only does it take time to collect money owed, unless it is handled appropriately the process can end up costing the business a less than stellar reputation and can damage business/client relationships.

A professional debt collection company like Maid2Match Townsville can help a small to mid-size cleaning service business recoup their past due balances to improve their bottom line.

Two Problems with Small Business Debt Collection

Collecting on customer non-payment is a big problem in any small, cash-strapped business. The problem is two-fold:

  • One, it’s likely that your organization does not have a lot of cash to throw around. When every dollar counts, it can be particularly nerve-racking to have a client with a past-due invoice.
  • Two, it’s unlikely that you have the staff to pursue the past due balance. Any small business owner wears a lot of hats, but the rate of employee turnover in the cleaning industry can be high. Roles in this business are physically demanding and often come with low pay, so finding good help is hard. Many times call-offs or no-shows necessitate that the owner takes over on-site client tasks until a replacement is found. Given the dozen or so responsibilities associated with running your own business, how likely is it that you’ll have the energy to understand the compliance laws well enough to be able to pursue collections?

These are both great reasons to consider help from a debt collection firm.

Will outsourcing debt collections make your company more effective?

Outsourcing Debt Collections – Help is On the Way

What if you could turn to an online debt collections service as a way to take past due balances off your plate? Rocket Receivables was designed with the small business in mind. Our proven system is an affordable subscription package that handles the most effective processes designed to let this service pay for itself in recovered revenue. From on-demand letters that are fully compliant with all state and federal laws to a self-service portal, to hands-on calls and follow-up, Rocket Receivables has an award-winning two-stage process that is guaranteed to capture past due receivables:

  • Stage one – affordable fixed-fee collection demands.
  • Stage two – a contingency-based collections process, meaning, if we don’t collect, you owe us nothing.

If your small cleaning service needs a cash-flow boost, a professional online debt collections service can help manage past due balances, making this one less thing you have to do to help your business succeed.

To request info call now. Rocket Receivables is ready to help.